25 things I learned in 25 years

It's a late post 😝 I was originally supposed to post this yesterday (a birthday post). But it was quite an unexpected turn of events, and hence was busy half day working and rest of the day celebrating my day. Turned 25 yesterday. It's a silver jubilee 😂 as my friends stated very well. Coming... Continue Reading →

Colorful Stripes

Feel love Feel hate Feel hurt Feel pain Feel bruised Feel weak Feel strong Feel anger Feel joy Feel disgust Feel fear Feel surprised Feel connection Feel each and all of life's colorful stripes.

In my Cup

In my cup today, I fill more goodness and more of hope For, the month I stumbled across life. At last it’s September, my good times envelope.   I won’t mention if the cup is half full or half empty I won’t mention if it’s colourful or black & white But one thing I would surely... Continue Reading →

I smiled back at him

Allow me to share an occurrence that I cherished recently. I was off to a beach to chill out with my friends. Music, sunglasses, bikes, laughter, food, drinks and people I love spending time with. It was a perfectly planned weekend. Bike rides in the monsoons, is the best what you can experience. The water... Continue Reading →

क्या बतायेंं तुम्हे

क्या बतायेंं तुम्हे आगे तो बढ जायेंगे पर अटकें रहेंगे उन लम्हों में उन रासतो में उन यादों में जहां साँसें लेना मेहझ एक आदत नहीं पर खुशनसीबी थीं। . How do I tell you? I will move on But will be stuck In those moments Those paths Those nooks, those corners Those memories, breathing... Continue Reading →

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