Happy World Book Day

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” ― Groucho Marx Hello readers, Hope you doing well in these days of lock down. One way to beat this lock down, I think is to read a lot. I myself am surely opting... Continue Reading →

Happiness on my toes

As the water touched my feet, it took away abit of me. I stood there, in that moment feeling time could be haltedJust me, with me. There were no right or wrong thoughts in my head. No good experiences or bad outcomes weighing my shoulder. No smile or tear tripping off my face.Just me and the sea, talking to each other in silence about... Continue Reading →


ना यादें पुरानी होती है,  ना उनमे बसे मुस्कुराहटें या ज़ख्म, अर्सो बाद भी उन्हें टटोल के देखो तो खुशी भी उतनी ही महसूस होगी, और दर्द भी उतना ही होगा, ना कम ना ज्यादा। क्या कहे अब, यादें है ही ऐसी जगह  जब भी लौटो, वो वैसी की वैसी उन्ही रंगों में लिपटी मिलती है जिनमे... Continue Reading →

Poetry is Mesmerizing

Poetry is a magical realm in being.Why am I so mesmerized with it?It sparkles and glows like a night skyAs the sky holds many stories in its awake, so does poetryAnd these stories are the onesof which, some are fictional, imagined to be alive butmany are those, once lived, in bliss,in fear, in hurt, in constant changeThese stories... Continue Reading →


Bruised I was when I found him hovering around the wall, trying to find a way in. The vision was so blur, that I couldn't see for what he was like, as tears clouded my eyes.He knocked, asking if there was a door or at least a window. Screamed for all the necessarymedications he had. Also said he had some cupcakes and icecreams.I could hear all... Continue Reading →


This time SILENCE had sound a sound that was felt and it didn’t match frequencies with any other sound in the world. So high pitched, piercing, but subtle that, when I sat alone in this SILENCE I appeared to be in peace, to others whereas, I was standing in a room full of alarming noises,... Continue Reading →

The chaos around you

  The chaos around you! Be careful darling, it can be deafening the societal pressures, I'm talking about it would scream in your ears for how should you be like till your ears start bleeding and succumb to the life you end up regretting, where you would fail profusely and end up blaming yourself. So... Continue Reading →

Pyaar ya Aadat

Agar tum yeh kehna chah rahe ho, ki tumhe mujhse pyaar kabhi na tha mehaz aadat ban chuki thi mein tumhari isiliye pakde rakha tumne mujhe. Toh yeh batadu tumhe ki mujhe tumhari aadat to ho chali thi par tum meri mehaz aadat na hokar; mohabbat thi tumse, beshumaar, jisase achese waqif the tum. Pata... Continue Reading →

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