Under your spell

Each time our eyes locked my skin tingled and breath raged. Like my body was under some kind of spell with your magic exploding and my insecurities caged. © Tanushree Ranpise


Wild Heart

I'm a wild heart trapped in a cage I get one chance I ESCAPE to be spotted in all those places where my heart is thumping and my jaws are screaming from the wilderness of the experiences that takes my breath away.

Sky and the Beer

  She was sitting on the terrace of her building from where she could see the entire city under her feet. Naina loved gazing at the sky twinkling with stars and land twinkling with lights late at 1 am. Beer in one hand, phone swiped to silent mode. It was her daily ritual for every... Continue Reading →

What if there's a parallel world to ours. What if there's a parallel life of ours. But a complete opposite of what we are living. A life that we dream of. And if there is! How thrilling it would be to exchange the paths whenever we feel lost in our current world, even if for... Continue Reading →

Unrequited Love

  I felt terrible like he held my heart and was dragging it all over the thorns. I was bleeding. Didn’t he see… didn’t he see… Oh but yes, he didn’t do it on purpose He barely knew what he was doing to me. Scratches all over my body, it hurts, it really hurts. But,... Continue Reading →

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